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I've almost got this regex working but am having trouble with the leading forward slash - can anyone see where I'm going wrong with this? I just want to extract the first string, "projects" in this example here ->

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As a practice please post full question here rather than showing external code. – anubhava Feb 13 '12 at 14:01
^\/(.+)\/.*$ and get group 1 – epoch Feb 13 '12 at 14:04

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The easiest way is to split string using forward slash

var firstString = url.split('/')[1];

and you will have first string, but if you want to extract using regext than this will do, just remember don't add global parameter in your regex.


I hope this helps

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\/(\w+) would be more concise, but the split method is probably better anyway – wheresrhys Feb 13 '12 at 14:05

It seems you can get your test using split but for pure regex solution use:

s = '/projects/personal/29/56';
arr = s.match(/^\/([^/]*)\//); // arr[1] becomes 'project'
document.writeln('<pre>Matched: [' + arr[1] + "]</pre>");
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I played around with the answer from anubhava and got the following

string                          expression                             returns
/projects/personal/29/56        ([a-zA-Z])([^/]*)\/                     projects/
/projects/personal/29/56        ([a-zA-Z])([^/]*)                       projects
/projects123/personal/29/56     ([a-zA-Z])*?([a-zA-Z][0-9])([^/]*)      projects123

The second line achieves what bsod99 asked: remove the first slah / and extract the first string projects from /projects/personal/29/56

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