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is it possible to intercept screen updates in android?

I implemented a custom LinearLayout overrode the onDraw() method, but it will be only invoked when I do not click on child elements but somewhere else.

E.g. when i have a button in this view group and I click on this button, the onDraw() method won't be invoked on root level. On the other hand, if I touch a TextView the onDraw() will be invoked on root level. It seems like some elements consume the onDraw() method and do not pass it to the parent. Is there another method or event I can catch to get all the updates of the root view and its children on root level, except of extending each possible child and make custom implementations?

Edit: Maybe I have to clarify it a little bit. My purpose is to get bitmaps of the child views, every time they change. So e.g. if a button is a child view, I want to draw the view to a bitmap (get the drawing cache or invoking draw() manually to a custom canvas). The problem by using e.g. onClickListener is, that the the button state, while clicked, is actually "clicked", i need also an image of the button state which is set after and before it was clicked (http://developer.android.com/design/style/touch-feedback.html). Another problem is also, that I don't know which and how many child views are present, this should work for every possible created layout. So onClickListeners are also no option, except I would iterate through all children and check which type they are. But still there is the problem with the different states.

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dont create onclick listeners for child layouts of root layout.

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Don't create onClick listeners for child layouts and have your activity implement an onClickListener. Override the onClick method for your activity and you can handle any clicks in there.

public class Acitivity implements OnClickListener

    public void onClick(View v) 
          //Handle clicks here

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