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I have a problem with the livequery plugin Version: 1.0.3.

Watch this code:

    var idProduct = $('#idProduct').val();
    var idSupplier = $('#idSupplier').val();
    var lotNumber = $('#lotNumber').val();
    var idSpecification = $('#idSpecification').val();
    var version = $('#version').val();
    var idItemAnalysis = id;
    var seqItemAnalysis = $(celDiv).parents('tr').find("td").eq(5).text();
    var operator = $(celDiv).parents('tr').find("td").eq(1).text();
    var val = $('#'+$(celDiv).find('input').attr('id')).val();

    if(val != null)
        if((operator != '=>' && operator != '<=' ) && !isNaN(val.replace(',','.')))
                idProduct: idProduct,
                idSupplier: idSupplier,
                lotNumber: lotNumber,
                idSpecification: idSpecification,
                version: version,
                idItemAnalysis: idItemAnalysis,
                seqItemAnalysis: seqItemAnalysis,
                val: val
            alert("For this operation, the value must be numerical");

After blur event, the livequery call is executed more than more, occurs problem in my data consistency.

For solution, I created a boolean variable to know if this code already was executed, but I think that this solution is a alternative solution.

Someone have other solution? The livequery plugin have a bug?

Thank you everyone !!!

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Just out of curiosity, what does the livequery plugin give you that's not been added to the jQuery core with the "live" stuff in 1.3? –  Nosredna May 29 '09 at 14:40

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You can now do this in jQuery core with 1.4.1+ like this:

$(celDiv).find('input').live('blur', function(){

Also your calls like this:


Can just be:


Or, inside your function:

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