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I am almost ready to submit my app to Apple but I have a question re: private data storage.

The app is similar to 100's that are out there where you can rate a restaurant, add photo etc. At some point there will be a 'web' component to this where you can view all of them but for now it is not ready. However I would like to 'save' the info so when the web is ready, there will be data to populate.

I am only saving the photos and the data points that users are entering PLUS a unique id for each device that I can later match up to the users device. Do I need an OPT OUT in my app for this?

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I don't think so.

But if the user from the app get information about storing the UDID of the device on your space could be a risky move. It's not that bad, but there are enough paranoid people in the Internet ;)

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Ok. I think I might add it in if I have time just to be safe. –  jdruid Feb 13 '12 at 18:51

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