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Actually I'm doing something like this :

project          = Project.find(params[:id])  
attachments_list = project.attachments.where{attach_file_size > 0}
assets_list      = project.assets.where{image_file_size > 0}
#Person.where{(name =~ 'Ernie%') & (salary < 50000) | (name =~ 'Joe%') & (salary > 100000)}
file_name  = project.title.downcase.gsub(' ', '_destroy')
file_name  = "#{file_name}.zip"

temp_file  = Tempfile.new("#{file_name}-#{current_user.id}")
Zip::ZipOutputStream.open(temp_file.path) do |zos|
  attachments_list.each do |file|
    zos.print IO.read(file.attach.path)
  assets_list.each do |file|
    zos.print IO.read("#{file.image.path}")

send_file temp_file.path, :type => 'application/zip',
                          :disposition => 'attachment',
                          :filename => file_name

It's work but the extension is missing on the received files, any idea ?

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I finally make a method inside the concerned model to return the file name with the extension

def title_with_ext
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Just change :filename => file_name to :filename => file_name.zip

:type only specifies the application that will use the file, but not the extension to the filename

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the .zip not missed to the archive it missed to the files inside –  Awea Feb 13 '12 at 20:16

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