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I have an aspx page (Default.aspx) with an Accordion control and a button (the page is based on a master page). Inside one Pane of this Accordion I have an userControl, something like this:


<ucDetails:Details ID="userControlDetails" runat="server" />


Now I need to access of the Enabled property of the button in the aspx page inside my userControl.

Until now I've tried:

Button btnSend1 = (Button) this.NamingContainer.FindControl("btnSendRequest");
Button btnSend2 = (Button) Page.Parent.Parent.FindControl("btnSendRequest");
Button btnSend3 = (Button) Page.Parent.FindControl("btnSendRequest");

The first one return NULL and the others return exception ("Object reference not set of an instance...").

Where I'm wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Luigi :

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    Button btnSend1 = new Button();
    btnSend1 = (Button)userControlDetails.FindControl("btnSend1");
    bool enabled = btnSend1.Enabled;

Is this what you're going for?

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I'm trying this: Button btnSend1 = new Button(); btnSend1 = (Button)Parent.FindControl("btnSend1"); bool enabled = btnSend1.Enabled; but it gives me null. The userControl is inside an Accordion Pane in the Default.aspx page. Luigi – Ciupaz Feb 14 '12 at 8:46

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