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I have a website that caters to an international crowd. As a result I have upped my dedicated server to a Xeon server (3.10 GHz, 4.0 GB of RAM), as well as, acquired the services of a CDN where I use it to cache my images, CSS, java script files etc. I thought this is all that I needed for my website to function optimally. However, I have had an issue that I cannot seem to solve. My site has a two step sign up process. The first step is your typical sign up page. This step then transfers the user via (http://site.com/signup2.aspx?username=Mike) to the second page. On this page the user puts in other important information and then should press save to complete their profile. Additionally, the first page loads an ID for that user so when they attempt to save on the second page the code retrieve the ID (cookie) and checks if it is the same as the one in the database. If so, then the user is allowed to save, if not the user is not allowed to save(This is a new feature that I just implemented so I don't think this is an issue, since the issue has been around much much longer). However, some users are not completing their profiles and only able to complete step one in the process. Furthermore, my my try catch code does not indicate any errors is occurring. I have checked and rechecked my code and nothing seems to be amiss. The users with this issue are typically overseas in countries like Pakistan, India, etc. However, not all users from these regions encounter this problem. Additionally, some users are not able to log back into the site after fully completing their profile. However, I can log back into the site with their credentials with no problem. I thought at first this was because I manually hash their password, but then again, I can log into their account. Out of the 35k members I would guess about 15k have not completed their profile completely. And whats amazing, very rarely do any one complain. I even email some users about the issue and rarely do I get a response or a valid answer that I may use to try to solve the issue. When I checked the membership database and my own person database all is normal and everything is as it should be. There are no missing records... The user is not locked out,etc...

My questions:

  1. Could this be an issue with my database? (Don't think so since there are no deadlocks)
  2. Could a virus on my server be the cause? (Scanned nothing found)
  3. Could it be that the user does not have cookies enabled? (The site warns them of this)
  4. Could it be that my CDN sucks and is in fact making my site slow to users overseas(I use Advection.net)
  5. Could it be because I use sql queries within the code instead of a stored procedure? (All my sql queries are in code)
  6. Could it be my CommandTimeOut being set to 1000 (I think this should be enough time)
  7. Could it be my code show below:

    If Roles.IsUserInRole(TUName.Trim, "Member") Then

    'Used to enter in the error into the sql table to analysis.

    EnterintoSQLerrorTable(TUName, "Member is in Roles:Sign up")


    FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(TUName, True)

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I think it is most likely people have cookies turned off, have you tested for cookies? –  Pharabus Feb 13 '12 at 19:30
Your question seems too high-level to really be answerable. If you say "my car won't start. Could it be out of gas? Could the starter be broken? Could the battery be dead?" We have no idea. You need to iterate closer to the general problem area, first by figuring out how to reproduce the problem, then removing elements from the setup until the underlying problem presents itself. –  Rex M Feb 13 '12 at 19:33
Pharabus: Yes I have tested for cookies. In fact, I have install code for that very purpose. It won't stop them from signing up, like I had it done before, but just warn them. Rex: I have tried numerous times to replicate the problem, to no avail. I think I will just have to revert back to blocking any users from signing up if cookies is not enabled. But last time, some said their cookies were and were still being blocked from signing up. Thanks –  user1206962 Feb 15 '12 at 19:05

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