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I feel like this is a really simple question, but I need help figuring out.

So, I have the following:

str = 'hello world'
str.split()  # ['hello','world']

I want to index 'world' but str[1] returns 'e', which is the second character in the list. How do I index by word instead of character?

Please help me out and thank you in advance.

(Please don't tell me to do str[5:]... I wanna know how to index words in general)

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You need to index the result of my_str.split():

my_str = "hello world"
words = my_str.split()
print words[1]

(Renamed the variable to my_str to avoid shadowing the built-in.)

Note that my_str.split() does not change my_str in any way. String objects are immutable in Python and can't be changed. Instead, my_str.split() returns a list of strings that can be indexed.

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Good spot on use of str as a variable name... That way madness lies... –  redrah Feb 13 '12 at 16:26
that was really stupid of me... thank you so much! –  CosmicRabbitMediaInc Feb 13 '12 at 16:38

str is your string, not the result of str.split(). You need to assign the result to something (preferably something not called str, since that's the name of the builtin str type and also a rather bad name to use for a list, even one returned from str.split().

>>> s = 'hello world'
>>> l = s.split()
>>> l[1]
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You're indexing str, which is a string (you didn't reassign value to str after splitting so it went down the drain).



or even better save the split result, and index that:

spl = str.split()
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Try the following:


instead. Hope this helps.

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The split returns a list, instead of splitting in place:

str = 'hello world'
str_words = str.split()  # split returns a list

print str_words[0] # prints first word "hello"
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