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I compiled my gwtp app, and tried to run in jboss, and it throwed this:

SEVERE: Cookie provided by RPC doesn't match request cookie, aborting action, possible XSRF attack. (Maybe you forgot to set the security cookie?) While executing action: hu.irf.portal.ui.shared.fnc.torzs.GetOrgList 2012.02.13. 16:55:30 com.gwtplatform.dispatch.server.AbstractDispatchServiceImpl cookieMatch INFO: No cookie sent by client in RPC. (Did you forget to bind the security cookie client-side? Or it could be an attack.)

It worked fine in development mode.

I tried to set the useHttpOnly parameter to false in the tomcat's context.xml, but it is also not working.

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INFO: No cookie sent by client in RPC. -- Are you sending a cookie? If not, are you expecting one on the server? –  Chris Cashwell Feb 13 '12 at 16:47

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Your context.xml should look like:

<Context useHttpOnly="false">

To make sure there is nothing overriding this setting, place context.xml in your WAR's /META-INF directory. That is the META-INF directory off of root, not /WEB-INF/classes/META-INF See this for more on defining your context

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Maybe you need to clear cache of your browser. Use FireCookie in Firefox to see if your cookie was sent.

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