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There are 5 semi-related tables here, with there related Keys:

  1. Product [ID]
  2. Option [ProductID]
  3. Option_OptionGroupValue [Option.ID] [OptionGroupValue.ID]
  4. OptionGroupValue [OptionGroup.ID]
  5. OptionGroup

What happens is a product can be assigned a number of rows in the 'Option' table.

That Option table is related to the OptionGroupValue through the Option_OptionGroupValue table, which creates a combination of OptionGroupValue's in the Option_OptionGroupValue table.

In the application, there are mupltiple fields like this:

<input type="hidden" name="productid" "[ID]">

<select name="optiongroup_<%=OptionGroup.ID%>">
<option value="<%=OptionGroupValue.ID%>"> <%=OptionGroupValue.Name%> </option>

The rule is that there can only be one unique combination of all these OptionGroupValue's within each Product + Option .

For Example in the web application:

 Product: [ProductID 100]

   New Options [Option] Table:

      Color [OptionGroupID 100] : Black [OptionGroupValueID 100]

      Size [OptionGroupID 101]: Small [OptionGroupValueID 105]

      Width [OptionGroupID 102]: Large [OptionGroupValueID 108]

When submitted, it needs to see if that combination exists or not.

I've tried looping through for each Option inside the app with-in a product, to toggle a bIsUniqueOption = True/False based on If each (ProductID, OptionGroupID, OptionGroupValueID) Exists scenario, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to think it's not unique.

I'm not really looking for code, but more of a general approach to something like this if anyone out there has encountered something similar. If someone can jump in a chat, it would really be appreciated. I'm starting to lose it just thinking about.. =/

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Is this rule managed by a database constraint? – JeffO Feb 13 '12 at 18:44
i would like to make an SP that can tell me if they are unique or not. Hope that answers the question. – Control Freak Feb 13 '12 at 21:57

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