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I have a problem with the animation on this page "intervista 5"

Practically, when the player is playing, next and prev arrows should be hidden. When the user hovers with the mouse on div.interview_media the function I created[1] shows current slide's active arrows.

Now, the issue: if I hover div.interview_media from the right or the left side of the div, centrally (i.e. where the next or the prev arrow should be) the animation enters a loop since when the arrow is hidden, the pointer triggers the animation while, appearing the arrow, the pointer is no more on div.interview_media but on one of the arrow (.browse) so arrows are hidden entering, then, a show/hide loop… doh!

Any idea on how to solve the issue?

Thank you all for you help,

[1] The show hide function:

            console.log('showing arrows');
            $('.hidden').stop(true, true).show(200);
            console.log('hiding arrows');
            $('.hidden').stop(true, true).hide(200);
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Try to place the left and right buttons inside the .interview_media div. This way, jQuery understands that you are not leaving the .interview_media div every time you hover over the right and left buttons.

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Hi Lamariffic, thanks a lot for your answer. Unluckily, being absolute positioned, next and previous arrows have to be outside the single slide container .interview_media which is a container needed, instead, for each slide. It would not be possible to create next and previous arrows for each slide. – caruso_g Feb 13 '12 at 20:01
Well, that makes everything a bit harder. You can either move the <a> elements dynamically inside each .interview_media. However, I would suggest adding a div container that has both .interview_media AND the buttons, then applying the .hover function to it. I can walk you through those options if you're having problems. – Lamariffic Feb 13 '12 at 21:20
Hi Lamarrific, thanks again. What about if we move the arrows inside .interview_media and dynamically remove them from current slide and add them to the next one (if any)? I would like to avoid to show them move left or right with any slide transition, we could hide them on each click. What do you think about it? – caruso_g Feb 14 '12 at 9:41
Hi Lamarrific, I found out that using fadeIn/Out instead of show/hide functions works better almost never triggering the loop. Even if that works, I really don't feel like the bug has been fixed. Would you mind to help me to remove and add dynamically arrows from each slide as you proposed? – caruso_g Feb 14 '12 at 16:44
Ok, I took the pragmatic way I should had get yesterday. I just moved next and prev arrows inside .interview_media as suggested by Lamarrific (thank you mate) and I don't mind about the moving arrows. Time is precious. – caruso_g Feb 14 '12 at 16:59

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