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I have made a swing application which uses image files located in a folder named 'res' in current directory. For that I do something like this :

BufferedImage img=ImageIO.read(new File(new String(System.getProperty("user.dir")+"\\res\\back.png")));

It works perfectly fine when I run it from command prompt. But when I make a jar file out of this, it doesn't finds the res folder,although the res folder is inside the jar. However when I copy the res folder in the same directory as the jar, it works again. I want a single jar file without any dependency on external folder.

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Load from the classpath maybe:

InputStream in = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/res/back.png");
BufferedImage img = ImageIO.read(in);
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It gives the following Exception : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: input == null! Any Ideas ?? – dotnetguy Feb 13 '12 at 19:07
Never Mind. It worked. Thanks a lot. :) Just out of curosity, why the method which I was using didn't work ? – dotnetguy Feb 13 '12 at 19:40
Because the operating system does not know about the files inside the jar. As far as the O/S is concerned, the jar is the file it can see, and it does not see the jar's contents as individual files. – Paul Grime Feb 13 '12 at 20:00

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