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[HttpException (0x80004005): Request is not available in this context]
   System.Web.HttpContext.get_Request() +11207688
   Slingshot.Engine.ApplicationBase.Initialize() +72
   Slingshot.Engine.ApplicationBase.Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e) +51

[HttpException (0x80004005): Request is not available in this context]
   System.Web.HttpApplicationFactory.EnsureAppStartCalledForIntegratedMode(HttpContext context, HttpApplication app) +4185553
   System.Web.HttpApplication.RegisterEventSubscriptionsWithIIS(IntPtr appContext, HttpContext context, MethodInfo[] handlers) +205
   System.Web.HttpApplication.InitSpecial(HttpApplicationState state, MethodInfo[] handlers, IntPtr appContext, HttpContext context) +336
   System.Web.HttpApplicationFactory.GetSpecialApplicationInstance(IntPtr appContext, HttpContext context) +350
   System.Web.Hosting.PipelineRuntime.InitializeApplication(IntPtr appContext) +382

[HttpException (0x80004005): Request is not available in this context]
   System.Web.HttpRuntime.FirstRequestInit(HttpContext context) +11335894
   System.Web.HttpRuntime.EnsureFirstRequestInit(HttpContext context) +88
   System.Web.HttpRuntime.ProcessRequestNotificationPrivate(IIS7WorkerRequest wr, HttpContext context) +4355316`enter code here`

Anyone have a clue where I could start?

Its also my first time running a local IIS web app. Is there things I haven't installed yet? I'm just not sure what these errors mean or where I could get started?

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As you see you get 3 times the same error, one say Slingshot.Engine, that means all your starting modules have the same problem.

This is means that you run IIS7 on Integrated pipeline. For start you can turn it to Classic mode, to let the site run, and later change your application code to not use the request context at Application_start

If you absolute need to use the context first time you run your application, make a one time Initialize at the Application_BeginRequest that have the context.

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IIS 6 management compatibility is one thing I haven't turned on. Could this be a problem? Looking into turning on Classic Mode. –  Tom Feb 13 '12 at 18:44
@Tom Locate the pool that you use for your site, and change it to classic mode. If you use it for more than one sites then is better to make a new pool to avoid other conflicts. –  Aristos Feb 13 '12 at 18:48
That worked! Thank you so much! This is pretty interesting stuff. I should consider getting some basic knowledge into asp.net programming. –  Tom Feb 13 '12 at 18:57

You are executing some code that requires the request object in your application start event and that cannot be done because the application is started before the request is handled. Put the code that needs the request in your begin request event.

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I'll look into this. Thanks a lot. –  Tom Feb 13 '12 at 18:03

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