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From the lxml documentation, I understand that custom XML elements should inherit from ElementBase.

For instance, I can create

class FactVariable(etree.ElementBase):
    ''' Class that represents a XBRL fact variable.'''
    TAG = '{}factVariable'

    def label(self):
        return self.attrib['{}label']

    def label(self, value):
        self.attrib['{}label'] = value

My problem is that when I create a XML tree and place such nodes, I get

<ns0:factVariable xmlns:ns0="" label="azerty"/> 

Question: I want the namespace to be prefixed va, not ns0 How can I change that?

I tried to set the self.nsmap property, but I have a "read-only" exception. Adding a key/value has no effect (as said in the documentation).

I also tried, without success

etree.register_namespace('va', '')
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I know this is old and probably @rds solved this, but I was encountering a similar problem, so thought I'd share som info. It seems that setting the nsmap upon creation will at least work:

>>> etree.tostring(FactVariable(label='qwerty', nsmap={'va':''}))
'<va:factVariable xmlns:va="" label="qwerty"/>'
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