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I've got a bare git repo on my test and production web servers. I cloned one of the two to my dev machine.

How can I figure out which one I cloned? That is, if I do a git push, which repo will I be affecting?


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git remote -v

That will print the full list of remotes for the current repository, plus the URL they pull and push to/from.

By default git requires you to be explicit about what remote you are using, but you can configure it to default to origin, which is standardly the place it was cloned from. (...but you don't have to call it that, and you can change that later.)

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git remote show origin

but Daniel's answer yields more info.

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+1 because this shows more info about origin, the remote you actually care about. –  Jefromi Feb 13 '12 at 20:42

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