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Very often I have ghost rows that stay on the server and won't disappear after deleting a row in Cassandra.

I have tried all possible administration options with nodetool (compact, flush, etc.) and also connected to the cluster with jconsole and forced a GC thru it but the rows remain on the cluster.

For testing purpose I updated some rows with a TTL of 0 before doing the DELETE and these rows disappeared completely.

Do I need to live with that or can I somehow trigger a final removal of these deleted rows?

My testcluster uses Cassandra 1.0.7 and has only one single node.

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This phenomenon that you are observing is the result of how distributed deletes work in Cassandra. See the Cassandra FAQ and the DistributedDeletes wiki page.

Basically the row will be completely deleted after GCGraceSeconds has passed and a compaction has run.

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