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I am using the Ruby API method of getting the KM API installed, but I am not sure if I'm doing it properly. The first thing I did is put the KM init code in my init.rb file:

  :log_dir => '/var/logs/km/', 
  :use_cron => true, 
  :to_stderr => true)

I replaced API-KEY with my api key, obviously. It then says that the proper way of doing it is to save the data in a file and send it to KM every 5 minutes as a cronjob. My first question is - is /var/logs/km/ the right directory to save the data in? I don't actually see that directory in my rails app.

I then am using a chef recipe to send the cron jobs as follows:

# send KM logs to KM
cron "Send KM data to KM" do
  minute  '*/5'
  hour    '*'
  day     '*'
  month   '*'
  weekday '*'
  command "/usr/bin/ruby /km-install-dir/bin/km_send"

I'm also not sure if this is correct. The example shows the cron code as follows:

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/ruby /km-install-dir/bin/km_send

Which is how I made the cron job in chef. So, few questions: how do I know if it's working or not? I can't seem to find the file where the data is stored for the cron job, did I put it in the wrong directory? Is my chef recipe correct?


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I didn't use Chef to send the data asynchronously. You can install the debugger gem and check if the KM variable is initialized in the right environment (development.rb, production.rb). Also check if the log directory has the right privileges.

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Instead of saving the KissMetrics data to a file and setting up a cron job, I've had good results combining delayed_job with delayed_km.

The event data is saved in the database and then sent in batches at regular intervals. I found this removed the need to setup custom cron jobs and potentially makes it easier to scale your app. KissMetrics has a small amount of documentation on this.

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