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I'm back struggling with some more coding :(

I have written a custom PHP page to loop through a custom post type. Now what I want is to list the custom posts categories, and have each category link to the same page but pass the category to the query_posts() function.

My code is currently

    <div id="left" style="float:left;width:200px">
    <?php wp_list_categories( $args );   ?>
</div>  <!-- end of left container -->

<div id="middle" style="float:left;width:700px">


$args = array(
'post_type'=> 'e-books',
'showposts' => '-1',
'eCats'    => $cat,
'order'    => 'ASC'
query_posts( $args );


$cat = $_GET['cat'] 

What I want is each link from the wp_list_categories() to be something like.

Is this possible? I can't get my head around the Walker class :( I've got this far

class MyWalker extends Walker_Category {

function start_el(&$output, $category, $depth, $args) {

    $cat_name = esc_attr( $category->name );
    $cat_name = apply_filters( 'list_cats', $cat_name, $category );
    $link = '<a href="products.php?cat="';
    $link .= $cat_name;
    $link .= '>';
    $link .= $cat_name . '</a>';

    if ( 'list' == $args['style'] ) {
        $output .= "\t<li";
        $class = 'cat-item cat-item-' . $category->term_id;
        if ( !empty($current_category) ) {
            $_current_category = get_term( $current_category, $category->taxonomy );
            if ( $category->term_id == $current_category )
                $class .=  ' current-cat';
            elseif ( $category->term_id == $_current_category->parent )
                $class .=  ' current-cat-parent';
        $output .=  ' class="' . $class . '"';
        $output .= ">$link\n";
    } else {
        $output .= "\t$link<br />\n";

but the links aren't completing - they are showing as

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For listing category with the custom taxonomy : You can you following code:

$catnames = get_terms( 'custom taxonomy name');

Then use foreach loop to disply the category.

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