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I'm currently migrating our system to Java6. But most of our RMI clients are in Java5. I want to keep the server running on Java6 so I can use those features but I cannot get the clients to upgrade to Java6. Is there a way in our ant build process to compile the server code under 6 and generate Java5 RMI jars? I'm not familiar with how to build it in ant. It currently compiles everything and then jars up the client code for distribution.

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Without details of build.xml it hard to be more specific, but this is done via setting target-attribute of javac-task.


<target name="compile-rmi">
    <javac target="1.5" src="path-to-rmi-sources" destdir="rmi-classes"/>
<target name="compile-other-stuff">
    <javac target="1.6" src="path-to-other-stuff-sources"/>

Then you go and use jar task to result of compile-rmi and build separate jar with something like this:

  <jar destfile="my-rmi.jar" basedir="rmi-classes"/>
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