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I've followed these instructions in Amazon's AWS Documentation to forward a new domain name to Route 53 and then set up a CloudFormation stack with Flash Media Server at that domain. I'm currently streaming a live video feed to my server, and have verified that it is accessible when I use the OSMF Tester.

Now I am trying to connect Flowplayer to this feed, but it won't load with any configuration I've tried. Here's my code:


And in the body:

<a href="livestream?adbe-live-event=liveevent" id="player"></a>

Does anybody know what I might be doing wrong here? Any help would be very much appreciated, I've been stuck on this problem for 4 days now. Thanks in advance!

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In your clip object try removing mp4: from the url property. I also had to remove the subscribe property in order for this to work for my stream.

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