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I specifically want to call Android, when in offline mode, for a large chunk of data to be returned to JavaScript.

This is a doable solution for small amounts of data:

mWebView.loadUrl("javascript:(function () { " +
                           "setVariable("+valueToSetInHtmlPage+");" +

(HTML callback function)
function setVariable(AndroidInput)

This approach is limited by the allowed URL size which might very between browsers. But never the less a blocking limit when dealing with large data (+10KB)

Is there any other ways to pass values from Android to JavaScript?

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You should probably look into WebView's addJavascriptInterface function. This'll let you "hand over" a Java object into JS.

public void addJavascriptInterface (Object obj, String interfaceName)

Since: API Level 1 Use this function to bind an object to JavaScript so that the methods can be accessed from JavaScript.

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I believe you are right :) This is how i was making the link between JS and Android. But i was returning the value via. WebView.loadURL (WRONG!!) Thanks –  DevNull Feb 13 '12 at 20:36

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