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Our build produces an archive with the name app-component-x.x.x.x-SNAPSHOT.zip where x.x.x.x is a version number (ie: Directory is c:\buildresults\app

We want to write a batch script that a) copies the file to another directory with a fixed name such as build-results.zip and then b) extracts the file.

I am not sure how to do part A. This doesn't seem to work: copy c:\buildresults\app\*.zip c:\xxx\build-results.zip

Any ideas?


File is being copied BUT the size is dramatically less. Ie: the file seems to be getting corrupted.

This seems to work but not ideal:

cd buildresults\app

for %%f in (*component*) do (
    echo %%~nf
    7za.exe -oC:\buildresults\app x "%%~nf.zip"
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Your example works on my Windows 7 machine as long as the folder exists and I have permission to write to it. What error message are you getting? –  Anthony Faull Feb 13 '12 at 20:05

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You could try:

xcopy /Y /Q /C /H /R c:\buildresults\app\*.zip c:\xxx\build-results.zip
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Cannot reproduce:

D:\>mkdir xxx

D:\>echo test > test-1.2.3.zip

D:\>copy test-*.zip xxx\test-current.zip
        1 Datei(en) kopiert.

D:\>type xxx\test-current.zip


Are you sure the target doesn't exist? Btw, are you sure your * matches exactly one file in every case? Because copying multiple files to one destination is a valid operation and will end up with an invalid zip file.

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