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I have a question about the DOS start command. I have already read this topic: Using the DOS “start” command with parameters passed to the started program Using the DOS "start" command with parameters passed to the started program

but my question is a little different.

I have this problem: I need to pass paths that need to be quoted.

For example, if path have no quotes this works fine:

start "" app.exe -option c:\myapp\myfile.txt

but if path have double quotes it doesn't works.

I have this line in my BATCH file:

start "" myapp.exe -option %mypath%

and when %mypath% contains double quotes (paths that have spaces or other characters in names) the start command returns very strange results.

Thanks Sandro

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You might should look at stackoverflow.com/questions/562038/… – Gordon Tucker Feb 13 '12 at 20:12

This might help, but it is a bit way round about method and slight modification may required to suit your need.

The idea is to:

  1. Dump the environment variable which has quotes to a text file with a predefined name. Like:"set mypath2 > withQt.bat"
  2. Use windows power shell or some third party tool to find and replace quotes in that file.
  3. Create another text file (one time step only) containing string "Set "
  4. Use copy command to append the file mentioned in step2 with the file created in step3 and create a batch file with a predefined name. Like: copy base.bat + withQt.bat withtqt.bat
  5. Run the batch file, which creates another/replaces the environment variable with value without quotes.

Sorry, I couldn't get something more elegant at this time.

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Normally it's not a problem to use parameters there with quotes, but you get problems if your app-path has also quotes.

Then you need to add an extra CALL statement.

start "" app.exe -option c:\myapp\myfile.txt    - Works
start "" app.exe -option "c:\myapp\myfile.txt"    - Works
start "" "app.exe" -option c:\myapp\myfile.txt    - Works

start "" "app.exe" -option "c:\myapp\myfile.txt"    - Don't works
start "" CALL "app.exe" -option "c:\myapp\myfile.txt"    - Works
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