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I'm trying to slightly repurpose the functionality of the Jeditable plugin to be controlled with buttons instead of clicking on the text. I've got a stripped-down version of the section I'm working on here.

Right now I'm triggering the text click event with my Edit button, hiding my Edit button once it's clicked, then making it reappear after the submit button is clicked. Here's my jQuery for the button click:

$('.jeditable-activate').click(function() {

And here are the parameters I'm passing to the Jeditible function:

onedit : function() {
onsubmit : function() {

I'd like to disable the default functionality of clicking on the text to edit, but I can't figure out a way to do this without breaking the functionality of my Edit button.

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You probably have found a way to do it since February but it might help someone else. I did the same using a custom jQuery event like that:

$('.edit').editable('http://www.example.com/save.php', {
     id        : 'elementid',
     name      : 'newvalue',
     event     : 'whateverEvent'

$('.jeditable-activate').click(function() {
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