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I was put in charge of learning this and well I have read and tried to understand it all. I am lost in how to get it started and optimized. I need to achieve a window at startup that is menu based and takes you to different components. I think I have the photo galleries sorted out just now sure how to link to the startup window. examples

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I used this tutorial when I was trying to learn -

The learning curve is quite steep but once you understand it it's a really good bit of kit to know your way around.

If you don't already understand the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture then it's going to be a bit tricky but the tutorial explains it all pretty well.

My advice would be start following the tutorial. Stick to it, get it working and THEN adapt it.

Good luck.

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I got it working it was easy just copy code and such but the notes MVC is nothing like what I am trying to build. I just get confused when I try to change it to fit my needs. thank you for the help. –  Uaf Fairbanks Feb 16 '12 at 17:23

With Sencha Touch 2, the team have created a bunch of guides which hopefully help ease the pain when trying to learn the framework.

I suggest you first take a look at the Getting Started Guide, and then move onto the Building your first App Guide. These both should give you a kick start on where to start.

After that, I would definitely recommend you take a look at the code of their various examples, and then try modifying it. When I was first learning the framework (and JavaScript in general) I found that taking existing code and modifying it was definitely the easiest way of learning. Obviously this varies from person-to-person, but it is always a good step.

Much of their documentation have previews and examples which you can actually edit the code inline, which I have found very useful in the past. You can view an example of this here.

The Touch Forums are very active. Almost all topics get responded to within hours, and I have never seen a post which was never responded to.

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I have read it all and tried to manipulate the code guess I am just dumb when it comes to this but I have to keep trying. Thank you for all you help. I will have to keep plugging at it and hope I can understand it sooner rather than later. –  Uaf Fairbanks Feb 16 '12 at 17:22

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