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I am trying to pushbutton callback in an another pushbutton callback, but I am having problems:

Here is what i am trying to do:

C_N_Callback(hObject,eventdata, handles)

   RN_Callback(handles, [], []);

I tried this but gave this error:

Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.

Inside RN_Callback at first step where it is doing getappdata.

I also tried this:

C_N_Callback(hObject,eventdata, handles)

   RN_Callback(hObject,eventdata, handles);

This did not give error but when i run the GUI it keeps doing the procedure in RN_Callback (i guess on refresh).

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Perhaps RN_Callback is using the reference to hObject. Just to remind you, hObject is the object on which the callback is being called. So in your case, it will be C_N , which will be passed to RN_Callback instead of RN.

In that case, the code will be wrong, because it expects a GUI object of one type, but gets another. For example:

function RN_Callback(hObject,eventdata, handles)
     set(hObject,'String','This is me!');

function C_N_Callback(hObject,eventdata, handles)
     RN_Callback(hObject,eventdata, handles);

Clicking on on RN will change its string. But clicking on C_N will change C_N, instead of RN as you might have expected.

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