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I am trying to swap image when an image is is my jquery so far and it's not working.

imgFldr = '../../App_Themes/Default/Images/';

    	$('#smallImg1').attr('src', imgFlder+'belkinSmall4.png');

And below is an example of my HTML

     <img id="smallImg1" src="../../App_Themes/Default/Images/belkinSmall1.png" />

Any help would be appreciated!

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Try setting the img source to ../../App_Themes/Default/Images/belkinSmall4.png in html and see if the image shows that way, if it doesn't then its your directory you have the source set to. – TStamper May 29 '09 at 16:18

I would have written it like this:

$(function() {
  var imageFolder = '../../App_Themes/Default/Images/';
    $(this).attr('src', imageFolder + "belkinSmall4.png");
  • $(function() { ... }) is shorthand for $(document).ready(function() { ... })
  • imageFolder instead of imgFldr. Pointless abbreviation imo.
  • var imageFolder, too (var is the key here), so that it is a local variable, not a global.
  • $(this) instead of $('#smallImg1'), to avoid duplications. The result is identical.

However, this is just a re-factoring of your code — both your snippet and mine should work.

So, "doesn't work" - does the image change? Is the path invalid? Do you get any JS runtime errors? What if you set the src to '../../App_Themes/Default/Images/belkinSmall4.png' by hand — does the image exist?

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