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Are there any libraries out there which will help me style a Flex application without going insane?

For example, is there any "accepted" way to set an element's size/position without hard-coding it into each element?

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The width, height and position of elements are not styles, they are properties. Unfortunately they can't be set via a stylesheet.

What you could do is extend one of the Container classes and override the childrenCreated() method, access the elements in the "children" Array and set the values you want.

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Hrm, yea... I've learned that Flex doesn't consider positioning information "style"... Oh well. I guess this is just "something to live with"? –  David Wolever May 29 '09 at 20:33
Due to the nature of the UIComponent lifecycle (which uses methods such as measure() and updateDisplayList() to dynamically determine size / positioning ) it's not something that can easily be solved in the way you suggest. If you have a ton of screens that need to be laid out in a consistent manner, I really would recommend creating a custom Container to do this for you. Learning the intricacies of the UIComponent lifecycle will put you in the top 5-10% of Flex developers; most don't understand it at all. –  cliff.meyers May 29 '09 at 20:41
I should add that there are some styles that can affect the positioning of child elements such as the horizontal/verticalGap and top/bottom/let/rightPadding styles of the Box component. If you look at the source for BoxLayout you'll see how these are used to control positioning of children. Writing a custom component that makes use of similar layout styles might help you. –  cliff.meyers Nov 11 '09 at 0:35

You can use VBox and HBox components that layout the children either vertically or horizontally. I would avoid nesting this too much because it will affect your applications performance.

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Let's say I want to do this: <VBox><Label A> <Label B> <Label C></VBox>. Without individually setting the width property on each of those labels there is no way (without dropping into ActionScript) to say "make all the labels below that VBox have a width of 100". –  David Wolever May 29 '09 at 16:32
I gotcha...you can do what brd6644 says below or just extend the label class and override the width so its 100% or the desired width. –  Shua May 29 '09 at 17:30
Well, yes, I could do it that way... But I was hoping for something cleaner :( Or maybe I just need to adjust my definition of "clean"... –  David Wolever May 29 '09 at 20:32

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