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I'm dynamically generating a qTip2 tooltip and I want to close/hide it from a javascript function, how can i do that? any idea?

This is how I generate the qTip2:

    var ToolqTip = $('<div />').qtip({
        content: {
            text: this.html,
            title: {
                text: currentItem["Item"].name,
                button: true
        position: {
            at: "right center",
            my: "left center"
            //target: $("#location_header")
            ,adjust: {
                method: "flip shift",
                x: 15, y: -25
            ,target: pos
            //,viewport: $('#map_canvas')
            //,container: $('#map_canvas') // this one prevents overlaping
        show: {
            ready: true,
            event: false,
            solo: true
        style: {
            classes: 'ui-tooltip-shadow ui-tooltip-jtools'
                    hide: {
                        event: 'mouseleave unfocus'

I want to close it from a call from this function

function pleaseClose(){
    $().qtip('hide'); // NOT WORKING :(

any idea? Please!

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function pleaseClose(){

should do it...

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Your answer didn't work :(. At the end I decided to propagate the action on all the divs with: $("div").qtip('hide'); –  lito Feb 14 '12 at 13:00

You can you an API call to toggle visibility

 function pleaseClose(){
   var api = $('yourSelector').qtip();
   api.toggle(false); //hide

To show:

 api.toggle(true); //show
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function pleaseClose(){
    $(ToolqTip).qtip('toggle', 'false');
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