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I am designing a Facebook landing page for a brand. We are planning to implement using Static HTML iFrame Tab by Jason Padvorac.

I have two questions.

First: can we include a second "like" button in the body of the landing page? Or has Facebook made that impossible? I need to know about this constraint before we proceed with our design.

I vaguely remember major brands having more than one like button peppered on their landing pages but now I can only see examples of arrows pointing to the standard "like" button. When and why did this change?

Second: I need to hire a Facebook developer to implement our design. We have had good luck with elance on other web projects. Any other good places to find freelance folks to hire?

Thank you all,


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you can, but the user would be "liking" the page tab html page, not the fb page itself.

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Thank you! And that would mean that the likes are not tabulated in the total likes for the organization? –  Cassidy Clawson Feb 13 '12 at 22:31

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