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When I user the phone Nexsus S 4G Back facing camera to capture a photo, it takes 14 seconds to create a byte array from the image using ContentResolver.openInputStream, and tha'ts basically is contributed to the large size image. I want reduce the size of image prior to reading it into the input stream. How can i do that? or can I set the picture size prior to taking the picture using Intent? Your help is appreciated. Here is my code:

            Uri selectedImage = selectedImageUri; 

            ContentResolver cr = getContentResolver(); 

            //**********************Save URI image to faceByteArray************************
            faceByteArray = null;
            InputStream in = cr.openInputStream(selectedImage); 
            ByteArrayOutputStream byteout = new ByteArrayOutputStream(10000);
            int b;

            while ((b = in.read()) != -1)

            faceByteArray = byteout.toByteArray();
            } catch (IOException e) {
                // TODO Auto-generated catch block
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I know how to reduce the rendered size of an image in memory. Is that what you want? –  Paul Nikonowicz Feb 13 '12 at 22:31
@user1178988: How are you taking the photo? Using MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE? if so then, no there's no way as far as I know for controlling image parameters as that intent simply triggers an external (built-in or 3rd party) camera application. You can, however, write your own camera app using android.hardware.Camera and set parameters using the Camera.Parameters class. –  Squonk Feb 13 '12 at 22:44

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