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I am using Oracle 11g and Toad for Oracle. How can I display execution plan for queries? In Sql server management studio execution plan can be displayed as graphical format. Is there any functionality/tool like that on Toad for oracle?

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Make sure you've ended the query with a semi-colon (and the query above)


You need to set-up the TOAD plan table for use. If you think it's already setup on your DB then you may just need to be granted access. Alternatively in my slightly older version of TOAD it's under:

Database --> Administer --> Server Side Objects Wizard. From here you can create the plan table(s) in a schema that you choose.

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I have an error. "Ora-02403: plan table does not have correct format" – Umut Derbentoğlu Feb 13 '12 at 22:42
ORA-02403 means that the plan table was created using one version and at a later date the database was upgraded to a version that requires a different plan table. Find the UTLXplan.sql file for your current version, drop the existing plan table, and rebuild it using the script. – Jim Nov 1 '13 at 13:19

You should create the PLAN_TABLE using a script provided by Oracle which is named UTLXPLAN.SQL and is located in one of the installation folders on the database server.

Then, you should use the EXPLAIN PLAN statement for generating a plan for a SQL statement, like this: EXPLAIN PLAN SET STATEMENT_ID = 'your_identifier_for_this_plan' FOR ... your statement ... ;

Then, you can use either a select from PLAN_TABLE (usually using a hierarchical query) or the DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_PLAN procedure to display the plan. In the same folder where the UTLXPLAN.SQL file is located, there usually exist examples of using this procedure.

Also, in SQL*PLUS you can use the SET AUTOTRACE feature.

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