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After reading Steve Sandersons post on swf upload.


I have implemented the swf upload on a site I am working on, Some users are getting a variety of issues where the progress bar gets stuck, or they get the error message 2038 - with error code -220 (System IO error.) - this is not related to Certificates as in the test below both addresses can be accessed with http or https

I haven't been able to reproduce much of these errors, However when trying to upload large images over 2 mb

It works fine on the test site, But not on the live

UPDATE: I had posted examples here, now removed as the links don't work.

Both sites hosted on App Harbor. exactly the same code.

The Limit for image uploads should be 10 mb - and I have successfully uploaded larger images that the one posted here.

what could be the cause of this?

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Update, - I've turned on debug info on the site on larger file sizes 4mb + the upload just stops, no error message. bar gets suck – Axe Feb 14 '12 at 12:12
Update 2 - most people now getting error message Upload error Code: -200 Message: 413 The upload will now be cancelled, please try again – Axe Feb 14 '12 at 14:22

Can I ask what language the rest of the site is written in?

My first thought is that if it's an IO error it could be running out of space?


Df -h

On the servers and see what we get, remember that all file uploads are written to /tmp before being moved where you want them, so if that fills upload stops.

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Written in asp.net c#, images hosted on amazon s3. I don't have admin access to the server, as its hosted on appharbor. but when I change the config values to run this code locally, it works fine. – Axe Feb 14 '12 at 8:05
Last time I saw one of those errors was when my host had set /tmp to be memcached and as such the size was about 500mb, so whenever I had a load of files in there (things weren't cleaning down) it would bomb with an IO error. To fix I asked the host to revert /tmp to a normal dir. – TomDunning Feb 14 '12 at 8:53
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This turned out to be a configurations setting at the load balancer level, We have a dedicated load balancer with app harbor to so we can offer full ssl support. It had not been set up to allow requestes of 10mb, they have changed it now.

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Just don't forget to have the parameters in php.ini that set :

session cookies to on
and session.use_only_cookies to off

and in the js plugin session are handled this way:

 post_params: {
   <?php echo "'".ini_get('session.name')."':'".session_id()."',"; ?>

Furthermore, don't forget to check the list of images extensions handled by your js plugin

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