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I tried to echo the following html, I can see from firebug that the variables are correctly printed, but it doesn't show up on the webpage. Would anyone please help me correct this?

$html ="<p><a rel='friends' href='$domain/$dir/$tag/$version/' target='_blank' $img></a></p>";
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What are the values of the variables? What is the HTML source that gets generated? How does it differ from the HTML source you expect? –  Quentin Feb 13 '12 at 23:19

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There is nothing between the and the tags. you need something like this:

<p><a rel='friends' href='$domain/$dir/$tag/$version/' target='_blank'> $img </a></p>
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Your $img is in the wrong spot:

$html ="<p><a rel='friends' href='$domain/$dir/$tag/$version/' target='_blank'>$img</a></p>";

Then again I think you want to do this:

$html ="<p><a rel='friends' href='$domain/$dir/$tag/$version/' target='_blank'><img src='$img' /></a></p>";
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