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I am trying to use a multimap with an integer key and values made of array of integers with 2 elements.

typedef std::multimap<int,int[2]> reverseHeightMap;
reverseHeightMap container;

When I try to add values like this:

container.insert( std::pair<int,int[2]>(5,{1,2}) );

I get:

error C2143: syntax error: missing ')' before '{'

I can't figure if I am failing at defining the data structure or inserting the value, or both. Thanks in advance for the help :)

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You can't store arrays in containers because one of the requirements for the datatypes stored in STL containers is that they are assignable; arrays are not assignable.

Consider using std::vector or std::array<int, 2>.

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use std::pair:

typedef std::multimap<int,std::pair<int,int>> reverseHeightMap;

OR :

encapsulate int[2] in struct :

struct int_2
    int i_0;
    int i_1;

typedef std::multimap<int,int_2> reverseHeightMap;
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