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Hi I have a loop and each time it separates and image and i want to save it automatically with different image name. I have following code figure

for n=1:Ne
    [r,c] = find(L==n);
    imwrite(~n1, test.jpg);

Problem I have is in imwrite(~n1, test.jpg); it only saves one image while I need to save it so that all are saved like test1.jpg, test2.jpg so on ...anyone has an idea how to do that? Thank you for your help

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I like to use something like this:

imwrite(~n1, sprintf('test%05d.jpg', n)); %this would pad with 5 zeros

to pad the filename with zeros, so they are nicely sorted in the diretory.

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You can do:

imwrite(~n1, ['test' num2str(n) '.jpg']);
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I haven't really used imwrite in Matlab much but I know you would normally just concatenate strings in order to change the file name based on the loop value. So you could just do something like the following code:

imwrite(~n1, sprintf('test%d.jpg', n)); 

You could use something like sprintf with a %d modifier to add an integer into a string.

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That concatenation will not work. –  Muhammad Abrar Feb 14 '12 at 0:38
I edited my answer to show a concatenation that follows Matlab standards. –  M. Laing Feb 14 '12 at 1:08

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