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Is the AfxMessageBox function thread safe?

I see the MFC code behind AfxMessageBox invoking such as AfxGetMainWnd()->GetSafeHwnd() and CCmdTarget::GetRoundingFrame_()->GetSafeHwnd(), and I'm wondering about its thread safety.

If I have multiple GUI threads, is it OK to invoke AfxMessageBox from either of them?

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Do those GUI threads have their own message loops? Or you have a single GUI thread (usually main thread) and worker threads? You might have problems if calling AfxMessageBox from worker threads. –  Bojan Komazec Feb 14 '12 at 0:09
It doesn't have much to do with thread-safety, the failure mode is a message box popping behind another window. Completely invisible to the user, not modal either. –  Hans Passant Feb 14 '12 at 1:17

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Yes it is thread-safe. From MSDN:

If AfxGetMainWnd is called from the application's primary thread, it returns the application's main window according to the above rules. If the function is called from a secondary thread in the application, the function returns the main window associated with the thread that made the call.

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