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can you help me with code snippet or help, on building a jenkins plugin which should customize the Build History view. i want to add a link to each successful job in the build history and perform some action. I also want to know how to access the SCM information for that build run from the plugin

Thanks for the help

Regards Kamal

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did you write a build history plugin? if so perhaps you could post a link I need someway to manage/filter the displaying of the build history. – user2196409 Nov 10 '15 at 9:30

There is a way to customize the Build History View by implementing BuildBadgeAction interface of jenkins.


Plugin which implements and extends the build history view is


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If you really want to write a Jenkins plugin, here is a link to a previous answer that addresses it. Start working on your plugin and then you'll be able to ask more specific questions relating to concrete problems you face. I think that in the present form your question is too vague.

Make sure, however, that writing a plugin is not an overkill for your needs. Chances are that you may be able to do what you need by the 'usual' means. But then again in order to be helped you need to be more specific.

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