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Some background, I am capistrino running 2.9.0 and capistrano-ext 1.2.1. Multistage deployment is working as expected. As is adding arrays of server to the roles.

INSTANCES = ["", ""]
role(:web) {INSTANCES}  

I've been trying to make :deploy_to produced a path based on the name of the server being deployed, like so:

set :deploy_to, lambda { "/var/www/application/$HOSTNAME" }

This is working pretty well, except and are actually the same host. In this example, instead of having two deploy folders based off the server names defined in my deploy/stage.rb file, it just produces the one /var/www/application/

I've been digging around looking for a way to either inject this at the capistrano level or reference a shell variable that would retain these details. It seems like needing to host an application server with multiple instances of an app would be common.

What I really need is:

set :deploy_to, lambda { "/var/www/application/$SERVER_NAME_CAP_IS_USING" }
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I don't think using different usernames will work here either. – domino Feb 14 '12 at 0:09

Maybe this helps. You can define specific ServerDefinition objects and call to those per task or whatever:

set(:boss_host, {'boss.reservoir.dogs', {
    :user => 'boss',
    :port => 2222,
    :ssh_options => {
      :keys => './keys/boss.pem'

run("date", :hosts => [ :boss_host ]
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