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I am rewriting an older subversion precommit hook. In our company, we need to make sure that binary files are allowed on commit only if they have the property svn:needs-lock set before commit.

I started writing the hook and it looks like every part of the hook works, but I cannot find how to read, if the property is set.

I would assume, that SvnLookClient would have the SvnLookClient.GetProperty method, but the only one, that I see is SvnLookClient.GetRevisionProperty. Unfortunately GetRevisionProperty doesn't allow to pass the file in question. What am I missing here?

After all, svnlook propget does allow to pass a repository, a transaction, a propertyname AND the path in the repository.

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See this SharpSvn users mailinglist thread.

The function was added to Subversion trunk tuesday and backported to 1.500x yesterday.

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Seems not to work for newly added files (throwing an exception SharpSvn.SvnFileSystemException: File not found: transaction '3-o', path '/demo/wrong.cs'). It seems that the current property in the repository is returned and not the property of the current transaction. Doing the same thing with the svnlookclient works. Maybe a bug? –  Christian Rodemeyer Sep 21 '11 at 20:14

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