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I am trying to load an external jquery page into a div. I use map tag because my header's image is full of buttons. So this is the relevant code

index file:

<script type="text/javascript" src="loader.js"></script>
<area shape="rect";
id="find us";
<div id="text">
//where I want the page to be loaded        

loader file:

 $("#find us").click(function(){
 // load contact form onclick

file to be loaded: index.html

When I click on the icon it does nothing. But if I include in the loader.js this code at the beginning it loads with the page:

    // load index page when the page loads

So the icon doesn't work..

After hours of searching I give up..Hope to find an answer here. Thanks!

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Shouldn't "us" have a # or . in front of it? or remove the space... or add an underscore.... something needs to be there. From your edit... remove the space in the ID. What you have there is #find#us technically. –  Scott Feb 14 '12 at 0:25

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The id attribute can not consist of two words (i.e. have a space in between).

Try <area shape="rect" id="find_us"... and $("#find_us").click(function(){

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try not having spaces in your id. Change it to find_us in both places and it should work.

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yes, it does work. thank you. such a beginner's mistake –  Claudiu Feb 14 '12 at 0:30

you need to give your area tag a single word for its id:

id="find_us" or id="find-us"

the all should work ok (remember to call it with that in your click function)

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