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Okay so facebook want me to send an image stored locally on the server but i have the images stored in a BLOB in the database...

try {
     $file = '' . $lastid;
    $post_data = array(
        "message" => "Uploaded using the Funnymemes app!",
         "source" => $file
    $data['photo'] = $facebook->api("/me/photos", 'post', $post_data);

  catch (FacebookApiException $e) {


but its not uploading... I got this code from the facebook api doc's so im not sure whats going on?

any ideas?

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That's one reason you shouldn't store images in your database. The sample code is trying to pull the image from a directory on your server. – Paul Dessert Feb 14 '12 at 0:44

In order to photo upload to work you have to fix these:

  1. Image files should be stored in filesystem (i.e. save BLOB back to the disk)
  2. Use @ before image path in $post_data array.

For this purpose i would do something like:

    $url    = '' . $lastid;
    $saveas = '/images/image.jpg';
    $res = @file_put_contents($saveas, file_get_contents($url));

    if($res === false) throw new Exception('Cannot fetch image');

    $post_data = array(
        "message" => "Uploaded using the Funnymemes app!",
        "source"  => '@' . $saveas;
    $data['photo'] = $facebook->api("/me/photos", 'post', $post_data);

  catch (FacebookApiException $e) {  }
  catch (Exception $e) { }
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