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how can i go about making a custom NSMenu for a menulet such as this?

Is this an NSMenu or is it a borderless window and if so how would i go about this? Thanks!


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It's an app running running on the OSX status bar.

See Status Bar Programming at Apple. Also, NSStatusBar and NSStatusItem

This SO post has some additional pointers:

How to create a Menubar application for Mac

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More specifically it could be an NSPopover, an NSWindow, or even NSStatusItem.view's custom view. In the case of an NSWindow (often a utility form of NSPanel) (or the NSPopover) you would manually open the window when the status item is clicked, using the status item's -(void)setAction and -(void)setTarget. If you use a custom view for the status item, this would be done in -mouseDown:.

Check out this post - I found it useful.

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Look at the documentation for NSStatusItem. I believe you can have it display a view instead of a standard NSMenu which is what it looks like they are doing in that image.

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