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I'm having some trouble with MKPolylines. Basically: I have a big thick purple (less detailed) polyline for a route overview, and a thin red (accurate) one for "focus" on a route. They, for the most part, are the same, but the red one follows corners more accurately, etc.

My problem is this: I start at the overview, then go into focus - replacing one of the purple polylines with a red one - and then go back to overview, which puts the purple one back, and then delete the route, which gets rid of the polyline altogether. When I follow this sequence of steps, part of the red polyline is left behind, until I zoom in or out, which refreshes the map tile. Note: once part of the purple polyline was left behind, but I haven't been able to reproduce that.

This seems like it must be a bug in MapKit, but I can't figure out a workaround for the time being. Has anyone else found this before? Any known workarounds?

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Why not call

[mapView setNeedsDisplay];


[myPolyLineView setNeedsDisplay];

after removing it?

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