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I'm trying to use Clipper library to expand the obstacle images in my obstacle avoidance robot control assignment. But now, I'm even stuck with the example code of the library:


include "clipper.hpp"

//from clipper.hpp ...
//typedef signed long long long64;
//struct IntPoint {long64 X; long64 Y;};
//typedef std::vector<IntPoint> Polygon;
//typedef std::vector<Polygon> Polygons;
using namespace ClipperLib;

Polygons subj(2), clip(1), solution;




DrawPolygons(subj, 0x160000FF, 0x600000FF);  // <- identifier not found
DrawPolygons(clip, 0x20FFFF00, 0x30FF0000);  // <- identifier not found

Clipper c;
c.AddPolygons(subject, ptSubject);
c.AddPolygons(clip, ptClip);
if (c.Execute(ctIntersection, solution)
  DrawPolygons(solution, 0x3000FF00, 0xFF006600);

I'm wondering if I'm lack of any library installation? I know this is a small question and I'm a bit of a novic but any help can ease a lot of my work. Thank you!

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I'm wondering if I'm lack of any library installation?

No, you're not lacking any library. The 'DrawPolygons' function is simply a placeholder for your own code. How you implement the drawing of polygons will depend on the graphics library you intend to use, if any (eg GDI+, OpenGL, Cairo, AGG etc).

(The Clipper package comes with numerous compiled examples that demonstrate how to use Clipper with each of the graphics rendering libraries mentioned above.)

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Just a quick note to Angus - great library! – Adi May 23 '13 at 20:47
Thanks Adi. It's been fun and a real challenge creating it. – Angus Johnson May 24 '13 at 20:27

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