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I have my Jasper iReport generate a crosstab, with columns of Blue and Red, but right now my crosstab won't display the Red columns which supposedly have 0 values. It seems that crosstab totally ignore columns with zero values.

I want my crosstab to be like this:

   Num  Transaction         Blue      Red       Total
    1   | Bank Wire     |     0   |    0    |     0
    2   | Credit Card   |     2   |    0    |     2
    3   | Cheque        |     1   |    0    |     1
    Bank Wire & Credit  |     2   |    0    |     3
    Total All           |     3   |    0    |     3 


But right now it only displays the Blue column, no Red column. How do I make all columns display regardless of their values?

Also, my crosstab is placed in the detail band, with sub dataset for its data.

By any chance, would Jasper Reports actually print out a crosstab with all zero values in its cells?


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Can you post the jrxml file? – Alex K Feb 14 '12 at 8:28
JR does not ignore zeros. I think the source of the problem is from somewhere else. – mdahlman Feb 15 '12 at 5:12
actually if you see all crosstab samples from JR, there are no columns that displays Total All as 0 values, that is why I think JR really don't display the column if they find the total to be 0 – Millie Feb 16 '12 at 2:08
run the Query in SQL Query Analyser, check if 0 is displayed in SQL, correct as needed. – Adempiere_HotCake Jul 29 at 5:02

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