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What's wrong with this set of RegEx /^[\p{L}\p{N}]+/u. When my senior entered % openminded The regex return false. I need it to accept this format

% openminded
100% openminded
openminded 100%

What do I need to add in the expression? So that it will accept the input even if the user entered % at first or any special character.

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Because \p{L} is just letters and \p{N} is just numbers --- you haven't allowed for spaces or percent signs in your regex. –  mathematical.coffee Feb 14 '12 at 3:10
I'm so noob to regex, how would i make it that it will accept spaces or %? What do i need to change with my regex –  user1149244 Feb 14 '12 at 3:27
I have made the regEx like this /^[\p{L}\p{N}\p{S}]+/u. As what i have read in php manual S will matches symbol but it doesn't work still –  user1149244 Feb 14 '12 at 3:55

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The percent sign is not a \pS symbol. It’s a \pP punctuation, as explained by uniprops:

$ uniprops %
U+0025 ‹%› \N{PERCENT SIGN}
    \pP \p{Po}
    All Any ASCII Assigned Basic_Latin Common Zyyy Po P Gr_Base Grapheme_Base Graph GrBase Other_Punctuation Punct Pat_Syn Pattern_Syntax PatSyn POSIX_Graph POSIX_Print POSIX_Punct Print Punctuation X_POSIX_Graph X_POSIX_Print X_POSIX_Punct

You should familiarize yourself with the general category (and perhaps script) that your favorite characters belong to. Here’s some sample output from running unichars:

$ unichars -gs '[\pP\pS]' '\p{Block=Basic_Latin}'
U+0021 ‭ !  GC=Po SC=Common       EXCLAMATION MARK
U+0022 ‭ "  GC=Po SC=Common       QUOTATION MARK
U+0023 ‭ #  GC=Po SC=Common       NUMBER SIGN
U+0024 ‭ $  GC=Sc SC=Common       DOLLAR SIGN
U+0025 ‭ %  GC=Po SC=Common       PERCENT SIGN
U+0026 ‭ &  GC=Po SC=Common       AMPERSAND
U+0027 ‭ '  GC=Po SC=Common       APOSTROPHE
U+0028 ‭ (  GC=Ps SC=Common       LEFT PARENTHESIS
U+0029 ‭ )  GC=Pe SC=Common       RIGHT PARENTHESIS
U+002A ‭ *  GC=Po SC=Common       ASTERISK
U+002B ‭ +  GC=Sm SC=Common       PLUS SIGN
U+002C ‭ ,  GC=Po SC=Common       COMMA
U+002D ‭ -  GC=Pd SC=Common       HYPHEN-MINUS
U+002E ‭ .  GC=Po SC=Common       FULL STOP
U+002F ‭ /  GC=Po SC=Common       SOLIDUS
U+003A ‭ :  GC=Po SC=Common       COLON
U+003B ‭ ;  GC=Po SC=Common       SEMICOLON
U+003C ‭ <  GC=Sm SC=Common       LESS-THAN SIGN
U+003D ‭ =  GC=Sm SC=Common       EQUALS SIGN
U+003E ‭ >  GC=Sm SC=Common       GREATER-THAN SIGN
U+003F ‭ ?  GC=Po SC=Common       QUESTION MARK
U+0040 ‭ @  GC=Po SC=Common       COMMERCIAL AT
U+005B ‭ [  GC=Ps SC=Common       LEFT SQUARE BRACKET
U+005C ‭ \  GC=Po SC=Common       REVERSE SOLIDUS
U+005D ‭ ]  GC=Pe SC=Common       RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET
U+005E ‭ ^  GC=Sk SC=Common       CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT
U+005F ‭ _  GC=Pc SC=Common       LOW LINE
U+0060 ‭ `  GC=Sk SC=Common       GRAVE ACCENT
U+007B ‭ {  GC=Ps SC=Common       LEFT CURLY BRACKET
U+007C ‭ |  GC=Sm SC=Common       VERTICAL LINE
U+007D ‭ }  GC=Pe SC=Common       RIGHT CURLY BRACKET
U+007E ‭ ~  GC=Sm SC=Common       TILDE

So either add the right general category to your class, like


or just add the specific character you need. BTW, anything that wants \pL almost always also wants \pM, too.

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