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I am in the process of migrating a SQL Server database to Oracle and would like to know the collation equivalent in Oracle for Latin1_General_BIN .

It would be great help if someone could help me with the syntax to set collations in Oracle .

Thanks !

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Collation refers to how the database stores and sorts data.

SQL Server

Latin1_General = U.S. English character set (code page 1252).

_BIN = Sorts/compares data based on bit patterns of each character. Sort order is case-sensitive; lowercase precedes uppercase, and accent-sensitive. This is the fastest sorting order.


NLS_LANG specifies the Oracle character set as WE8MSWIN1252 which maps to my Windows ANSI code page 1252.

and an NLS_SORT of BINARY You do not want to choose the options with suffix of _CI (case insensitivity) or _AI (accent-insensitive and case-insensitive).

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