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I was learning about how to write a plugin in WordPress and what my plugin is supposed to do is to replace all


and make them

<span class="code">code</span>

My Code

function format_code($content) {
    $match = preg_match_all('/`.+\`/', $content, $matches);

        $theContent = preg_replace('/`.+\`/', '<span class="code">$0</span>', $content);
        $theContent = preg_replace('/`/', '', $theContent);

        $theContent = $content;  

    return $theContent; 

add_filter('the_content', 'format_code');

I have been able to do this `code` but to remove the (`) I used this [I basically removed all the `]

$theContent = preg_replace('/`/', '', $theContent);

Is there any other method to do this?

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You can use capturing brackets and '$1' in your replacement:

$theContent = preg_replace('/`(.+)\`/', '<span class="code">$1</span>', $content);

(Is that what you meant?)

As an aside, why do you escape your second backtick but not the first in that regex?

Also, you may want to consider having your regex:


To avoid, for example, "This is ' code ' and this is more ' code '" being replaced by "This is <span class="code">code ' and this is more ' code</span>", because the .+ was greedy and matched too much. (Replace the single quotes with the backticks in the example I gave, I can't get the literal backticks to appear with this wiki markup!)

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I wonder why I didn't check your answer properly before. The old method was a bit buggy as you pointed out. Thanks a lot for pointing out the more appropriate method. –  Aniket Mar 13 '12 at 19:32

If you use a capturing group like this:

$theContent = preg_replace('/`(.+)\`/', '<span class="code">$1</span>', $content);

...then that saves you the second step.

Surrounding an item in parentheses in regular expressions causes it to be "captured" - note in the above I also changed $0 to $1 so I'm only "using" the item in parentheses, but it's replacing the entire "found" chunk.

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Thanks a lot :) –  Aniket Feb 14 '12 at 4:52

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