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Does anyone know how to make iScroll act like carousel, is there a way to make iScroll automatically loops within the 'ul'?

Because I would like to use it on iOS, I've been trying to figure it out..

Thank you very much for your time.

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The following should work.

setInterval(function () {
   myScroll.scrollToPage('next', 0, 400);
}, 2000);

You of course have to check when you reach the end of the carousel (curPageX).


Update: With iScroll 5, the code has changed slightly, you'll want do something like this to start the automatic looping; while optionally stopping the auto-scrolling after a user interaction (touch/swipe).

/* start auto-scrolling */
myInterval = setInterval(autoScroll, 5000);

/* function handles the looping of the carousel */
function autoScroll() {
  var currPage = myScroll.currentPage.pageX + 1;
  if(currPage == myScroll.pages.length) {
    myScroll.goToPage(0, 0, 250);
  } else {
    myScroll.goToPage(currPage, 0, 250);

/* stops auto-scrolling on swipe (using jQuery .on() method) */
myScroll.on('beforeScrollStart', function() {

Hope that helps anyone who stumbled upon this page!

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Nice one Noah !!! –  Ashwin G Feb 6 '13 at 6:06

afaik, iScroll did not provide such function. you can try Sencha Touch, it has various kinds of UI component, and this is the doc of Carousel provided by Sencha Touch 2.0 Sencha Touch 2.0 Carousel

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I upvoted this. That is not the purpose how iScroll should be used. There are several other Carousel plugins available in jQuery Mobile and other frameworks. –  zvona Feb 14 '12 at 8:10

if you're looking for something simple then maybe this can help


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can swipeview be automated? –  Ashwin G Feb 5 '13 at 9:57

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